Learn How to Become a Life Champion Like Me

 I didn’t find happiness until I  accepted the person who was staring back at me in the mirror, then I went out and found people even fatter and uglier than that man and made fun of those people until I felt better about myself.

For years I was a loser like the rest of you.  I hated my job, my boss, my wife, my neighbor, his dog, rap music, spiders, cold weather, Mondays, the Patriots and most types of fish.  I didn’t even like giving Dutch Ovens anymore and I hated cats.  

That was when I started making fun of other people to feel better about myself.   Once I started acting like a giant dick I finally I felt like a winner again just like when I was a bully back in high school. 

My book, “It Happens To A Lot of Guys” will inspire even the fattest, ugliest, and dumbest people in the world to be Life Champions.