The Top Ten Vanila Ice Songs Ever Written

Top Ten Vanila Ice Songs

Vanila Ice

Back before Rob Van Winkle got arrested for assaulting that homeless guy, or got all those dopeass looking tatoos or became a drug addict/recovered drug addict/professional jet skier/motocross champion/pet wallaroo owner/vegetarian/ex-vegetarian/burglar/Madonna’s boyfriend/Madonna’s ex-boyfriend/gun owner/host of a show in DIY that we all now know and love today,  he was once the famous rapper known only as Vanila Ice.

As Vanila Ice, he release the most famous song in the history of music, more recognizable than The National Anthem or even Free Bird.  His hit single, Ice Ice Baby, soon became Vanila Ice’s Mr. Holland’s Opus.  It became such a huge hit that no one even remembered the Queen and David Bowie song that he stole it from anymore.

What people fail to realize about Vanilla Ice, however, was that he was not just another one hit wonder like Flock of Seagulls , Afroman, or the guy who wrote that song they play at weddings.  Vanilla Ice actually compiled an incredibly vast and timeless catalogue of music.   For the first time ever in history of the Top Ten Lists or the Internet, the staff here at compiled The Top 10 Greatest Vanilla Ice songs ever written, finally paying homage to one of the greatest songwriters the world has ever known.

10.Ice Ice Baby (Bulgarian Version)

I am not sure what they are exactly saying in this song, and I am not sure if that is really Vanilla Ice singing or if that is even him in the photos, but I do know this.  That bass drop is fucking boss. You did it again Vanilla.

9. Ice Ice Baby (Amish Version)

Vanilla Ice’s unplugged  version of Ice Ice baby in an Amish buggy is a surprisingly phenomenal rendition of the original song.   Had it not been for that Amish guy talking over him the whole time, I am sure Ice would have won himself another Grammy for this one.

7. Ice Ice Baby-Dance Club Remix Version

Later in his career Ice reinvented himself once again.  He started doing dance remixes and it was even more groundbreaking than when Dylan went electric. While not received well at first, Ice’s Ice Ice Baby dance remix eventually started getting some recognition on the club scene and the guy who DJ’ed my 3rd cousin’s wedding.

6. Ice Ice Baby (Live Version)

Vanilla Ice is one of the best live acts in the history of music, possibly even better than the Grateful dead or Woodstock.  He puts on a great show anytime, anywhere.  You can see him rocking it in this video, and he doesn’t even care that people are throwing stuff at him or that he is playing in someone’s backyard.

5. Ice Ice Baby (Superfast Version)

Inspired by people who talk real fast like people on coke and auctioneers, Vanilla Ice looked to become one of the fastest rappers in the world just like Busta Rhymes and Twisted Insane .  That was when he wrote a superfast version of Ice Ice baby.  It was that or  some kid just sped up the speed of the song while he was playing Excite Bike and put it on YouTube.  Either way, it comes in at 5 on our list.

4. Ice Ice Baby (Chipmunked Version)

I don’t know how the hell he did it, but Ice somehow managed to make himself sound just like a chipmunk.   The only other singer I know with that kind of vocal range is none other than Alvin the Chipmunk himself, and he is a real life chipmunk.  This is a testament to versatility Ice brings to each an every song.

3. Ice Ice Baby (Re-recorded & Remastered Version)

The only thing better than an original song is a new version of that song that is remastered and released to sound almost exactly like the original song.   If there was ever a song worth buying twice, it is definitely Ice Ice Baby.

2. Ice Ice Baby (Bass Boosted Version)

The only thing better than bass is more bass.  You asked and Vanilla delivered.  He most certainly did create enough bass sound to kick holes in the ground.  With the bass kicked in and the Vegas pumping, its quick to the point no faking, Ice Ice Baby (Bass Boosted Version) comes in at number 2 on this countdown.

1. Ninja Rap (Go Ninja Go Ninja GO!)

Ninja rap might not have been Vanilla Ice’s most recognizable work, but who cares?  I-fucking-loved-The-Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Turtles!  Go Ninja Go Ninja GO!  Go Ninja Go Ninja GO!  Remember that? How fucking awesome were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?  Seriously?  My old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys over at my mom’s house somewhere.  Now I feel like digging them up and playing with them again.  I still remember the TMNT birthday I had when I turned 8.  It was the best damn day of my life.  All of my best friends were there and my mom and dad were still together.  They weren’t fighting for once and it was one of the few times I remember my dad being sober when he was still alive and….Well, I guess I will save the rest of that for therapy.  Anyway, there you have it.  The Top Ten Vanilla Ice songs of all time.

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