Charlize Theron May Take Many Racists Advice and “Go Back to Africa”

Privileged White Woman Charlize Theron Discusses Racism In America

In a recent interview in for the May cover story of Elle,  really tall actress Charlize Theron shared her view on the racial climate in our country with  celebrity racist Jew Chelsea Handler.   Theron told Handler.”Racism is much more alive and well than people thought. We can’t deny it anymore. We have to be vocal,”  She went on to say, “There are a lot of times when I look at my kids and I’m like, if this continues, I might have to [leave America]. Because the last thing I want is for my children to feel unsafe.”

It comes as no surprise that Theron spoke out against racism.   She is, after all, from Africa and did adopt two black children.  One of which is a boy whom  she dresses like a girl.    Not that adopting a black child and forcing him to dress like a girl is appalling in any way. She adopted those kids.  They are her property and she can dress them however she likes.

What is appalling is that she opened up about racism to Chelsea Handler of all people.  Chelsea Handle is known racist, famous for her offensive tweets about black people, Asians and even a few Jews, but mostly blacks.    Chelsea Handler once tweeted a picture of Grape Soda to Nick Cannon.  That is some racist shit. Theron might have well sat down with David Duke to talk about racism.  He is the leader ot the KKK, and he never even tweeted Nick Cannon a picture of grape soda.

Celebrities Know More About Racism Than Anyone

Perhaps Theron felt comfortable opening up to Handler because Handler once said that she dates a lot of black men so people don’t think she is a racist.    Whatever the case may be, it was a giant step toward cultural awareness in our country  to see two attractive, wealthy, privileged white women sit down and discuss their views on racism in our country so freely.  If anyone knows anything about racism, it is a famous white woman who dresses up black boys in ballerina dresses, and a celebrity  who reportedly had sex with lots of black men.

Charlize Theron Says There Are Neighborhoods She Is Afraid to Go Into

Charlize Theron, best known for her sexy Internet pics, a net worth of over 120 million dollars, and once dating famous Irish actor Stuart Townsend recently took on a new role. She became the spokesperson against scary neighborhoods when she told Chelsea Handler in the May cover story of Elle, “There are places in this country where, if I got a job, I wouldn’t take it. I wouldn’t travel with my kids to some parts of America, and that’s really problematic.”

Charlize Theron Becomes The Face Against Scary Neighborhoods

Finally someone as famous and powerful as Theron is finally speaking out on the issue of scary neighborhoods.  There are many places in this country I wouldn’t travel or take a job either.  You couldn’t fucking pay me enough to take a  teaching job in Abraham Lincoln High in Philadelphia, or any inner-city school for that matter.   I wouldn’t travel with my kids within 5 miles of North Philadelphia, Compton, Riverdale in Chicago, Martin Luther King Drive in St. Louis, Washington Highlands in DC, and a few other places.

I don’t know if there are any racists  living in those neighborhoods, but there sure are lots of scary black people with guns, and they don’t like white people.  According to my chance of becoming a victim in any one of those neighborhoods range from 1 in 8 to 1 in 18.   I would have had a better chance in the jungles of Nam than I would trying to pump gas in South Memphis.   I’d bet even the white guilt queen herself Charlize Theron herself would be at least a little bit scared if she made wrong turn into Altgeld Gardens outside of Chicago.  I would go to Afghanistan and fight Al Qaeda before I stopped at the corner of Independence and Prospect in Kansas City to ask for directions.

Thank You Charlize Theron

On behalf of people afraid to go into scary neighborhoods everywhere, I thank you Ms. Theron.  We appreciate all you are doing. Your work is not going unnoticed.  I might even go see that stupid looking movie you are promoting.

OnLine Dating Tips-How To Find Your Perfect Match and Have Sex With Them

Get More Dates OnLine

Online dating is perhaps the most difficult challenge anyone has ever had to face in the history of the world.  It is right up there with being born without arms and Tide Pod challenges.  There are many obstacles to overcome when  finding a soulmate online to have sex with.

First you have to convince  them that you are not some weird perverted necrophiliac serial killer, like my weird butcher neighbor probably is.  That is difficult enough challenge in and of itself, and that is not even the hard part.  After you get her to believe that you will not kill her or take her prisoner, then you have to get her to go against her better judgement and the advice of all of her friends and family, and meet a complete stranger in a bar for drinks.  After that, you have to try to get her drunk enough have sex with you, but not so drunk that it seems weird and rapey.  That is certainly a difficult challenge in the #metoo era we are living in right now, but far from impossible.

If you are ready to take the online dating challenge I will show you how to write the perfect on-line dating profile.  My methods guarantee that you will find your soulmate and you live happily ever after, or at least have  semi-consensual sex with a five.

Select a Quality Profile Picture

Some people say that honesty is always the best policy.  Well, those people are all completly full of shit.  Honesty is never the best policy, especially with dating profile pictures.  It is perfectly ok to stretch the truth in a dating profile picture.  I have seen some dating profiles where, given the proper lighting and certain  camera angles, a woman can look 10, 2o, even 200 pounds lighter than she really is.  I met one girl who looked like like a thin sexy model in her profile photo, but looked more like Shamu the Whale when I met her in person.

My point is that it didn’t matter what she looked, or that she was a few hundred pounds heavier than what she led me to believe.   I am not some sort of superficial jerk who only cares about looks. I got her drunk and still had sex with her anyway, because it is what is on the inside of a woman that counts, and that is her vagina.

You don’t always need to put an accurate picture of yourself in online dating. Some people just don’t photograph well, or maybe they photographed better ten years earlier when they were a hundred pounds lighter and not as wrinkled and ugly and beaten down by life.  It is perfectly ok to show people what you used to look ten years ago like in a dating profile picture. In fact, you don’t even need show people what you look like at all.

Online Dating Profile Pictures Are Only A Concept

Your online dating picture  should be more like a conceptualized  idea of what you look like, like abstract art or Jesus.  If you feel attractive on the inside, then it is only fair to trick people into thinking you look attractive on the outside too.  Just because your face looks like a catcher’s mitt and you love doughnuts, that shouldn’t define you as a person.  Your face might be a 2 but your soul is a 9, and that is what really matters.  The images of God are nothing more than abstract ideas, and so should your dating profile picture, especially if you are fat and ugly.

Writing a Dating Profile

I don’t know how many times I heard someone say, “I never know what to say in a dating profile.” This should be the easy part. Say anything.  It doesn’t matter.  You get to be anyone you want to be in an online dating profile.  You could be an airline pilot, a famous juggler,even not married and cheating on your wife on Plenty of Fish.

Who cares?  All if fair in love and war and online dating. In the world of online dating, you get to write your own story.  Creating an alter-ego and making everything up is probably the best way to write an on-line dating profile, unless you are really successful and very well adjusted like I am.  Then it is ok to be honest in this part. When I wrote my dating profile it was like I was paining a self-portrait with words.  Below is the dating profile that I used on several dating sites that almost got me laid once.


About Me

I am mostly disease free, I have no felonies, and I’m not on Megan’s law.   I am not a great catch like a rich old guy, or a guy with a huge penis and great abs.   Most women who meet me say that I am a guy that they can settle for.  I am all that interesting either.  I can’t sing, play guitar, do magic tricks or juggle, but I can do this weird thing with my thumb, and love Dutch ovens.  That’s actually why my first wife left me so of you don’t like Dutch ovens keep moving. I’m not for you.   I know a lot of guys you meet online can be real creeps.  Trust me I am not one of them. Call me old fashion but I’m not going to say something perverted or send a dick pic until like the 3rd or 4th message.

My ideal mate would be someone who is great with kids so they can babysit mine while I’m drinking with my buddies. I am also looking for someone who can take a punch without crying to the cops about it.  I don’t need that kind of drama in my life anymore.  Also please don’t message me things like “Hey baby” Or “Your hot”. Or “I wanna shit on your chest”. I’ve heard all those lines before.  I am looking for something real.   I’m not just booty call.  I’ve been hurt too many times before.

My Ideal First Date

Well it definitely wouldn’t be bowling, go karts, or mini-golf. And it most certainly wouldn’t be a wine-tasting, a walk in the park or rock-climbing. Movies are too boring and dinner is too cliche.  Sex in a truck stop bathroom.  That would be my ideal first date.


Well there you have it.  Online dating is all up to you. Be yourself.  Don’t be yourself.  Lie.  Don’t lie.  It doesn’t really matter what the hell you say or do in the world of online dating.  The only real important lesson I can teach you when it comes to online dating is to wear a condom.  There are alot of diseases out there.  Trust me.

I didn’t wear a rubber one time and two weeks later my dick swelled up to the size of a fucking golf ball,then it got really itchy and started pussing and oozing all over the place.  It was fucking disgusting. Luckily it only turned out to only be poison ivy, but it could have easily been an STD I got from having random unprotected sex with women I met online!

Well I hope you learned a few things from what we talked about here today,  Until next time, happy online dating everyone!

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