TSA Now Profiling Nonagerians and People In Wheelchairs

TSA Criticized Over Footage Of a Search Performed on a 96 Year Old Woman in a Wheelchair

A video of the TSA performing an extensive and invasive 15 minute pat search on a 96 year old woman in a wheelchair has gone viral.  Many people in the mainstream media are criticizing this saying that it was disgusting and uncalled for.  I must say that I agree.  If the TSA is ever going to PAT search a 96 year old woman in a wheelchair, they need to be sure that she is Muslim.   Whatever happened to racial profiling?

The Reasons The TSA Shouldn’t Trust Old People or Anyone in a Wheelchair

The mainstream media is slamming the TSA for the invasive search they did on that a crippled nonagenarian. They think that this wrong, but how much do we really know about this woman?  How do we know for sure that she was not the leader of a nonagenarian terrorist organization that was mobilizing a base in Anderson, Indiana.  Or that this wasn’t actually Osama Bin Laden disguised as a 96 year old woman in a wheelchair so he could travel to Anderson to blow up the Cracker Barrel?  We don’t.  Johnny Knoxville tricked everyone into thinking he was an old person in Bad Grandpa so there is no reason a terrorist cannot do the same.

This woman is in a wheelchair, but that does not mean that she is any less dangerous than someone with functioning legs.  Lest we forget the James Bond super villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld was also in a wheelchair.  I also had a college professor in a wheelchair who failed me in a Philosophy class for cheating.  The list goes on and on with dangerous villains in wheelchairs. We don’t even know for sure that she even needed that wheelchair.  Maybe she just didn’t like walking.  She might not have even been 96.  Maybe she was just a hard 70.  We don’t know, and neither did the TSA.   If I worked  TSA I would be pat searching the real terrorists.  I would target the terrorists that no one ever talks about, hot chicks with massive tits.  How do we know that those giant tits aren’t really bombs?  The only way to find out would be to grab them.

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