What Is Causing So Many Women To Be Fat? The Answer May Shock You

The Cause of the Fat Woman Epidemic

There are a many different types of fat women, and they gain weight for a variety of reasons.  There are stress eaters, binge eaters, yo-yo dieters, women with baby weight, and there are even some women who simply love going to Hoss’s and Chinese buffets.   There is also another type of fat woman that is frequently misdiagnosed and on the rise.  That is the fat woman with Hypothyroidism.

At a recent wedding I met a friend of mine whose wife gained close to 100 pounds since I last saw her.  As she was eating a mountain of bacon wrapped shrimp and stuffed mushrooms, she told me her weight gain was because of her underactive thyroid.  This me wonder how many other fat women are plagued with this crippling disease.  I consulted with a friend of mine who is not a doctor, but does think he is a know-it-all.  I met with him over some beer and wings in hope that he would be able to shed some light on this topic, and what he said shocked me. He told me that hypothyroidism is a disease that causes a woman’s thyroid gland to stop producing the hormone that makes her thin and attractive.  I never knew being fat was linked to a medical condition.  I weigh over 270 pounds myself, and I couldn’t help but  wonder if maybe it was my underactive thyroid causing me to wear size 40 pants, as I inhaled my last chicken wing and ordered another beer.

How To Tell If A Woman Has An Underactive Thyroid?

  1. A woman with an underactive thyroid will develop insatiable desire for bacon.  An increased consumption of bacon, ham, or any other pork products is strong indicator of an underactive thyroid.   The same can also be said for various breads, cheeses, mashed potatoes, hamburgers, and gravy.
  2. Sugar cravings is another classic symptom of hypothyroidism.   A woman with hypothyroidism will get low blood sugar, and she will need to eat an entire box of Little Debbie’s, a whole birthday cake, or even a half-gallon of ice cream just to get it regulated.
  3.  If a fat woman refuses to exercise or go to the gym, it is not because they are being lazy, and it is insensitive to think otherwise.  They have actually developed an allergic reaction to exercise caused by their underactive thyroid.  That is why so many fat people with underactive thyroids hide all of their exercise equipment in basements and closets or try to sell it at yard sales and on Facebook.
  4. Increased television watching and difficulty getting up off the couch.  If your wife develops hypothyroidism, you will notice that she is lying on the couch more than usual and watching way more television than she did before.  If you find her taking intermittent naps while binge watching the Bachelor her T4 levels are at a critical level and she needs medical attention immediately.

What Are The Cures For Hypothyroidism

I will start by telling you what does not work to treat an underactive thyroid.  Trendy fad diets.   A lady I worked with who had an underactive thyroid tried to do the Cheese Pizza Cleanse to disasterous results.  I watched her eat a whole pizza three days a week for lunch for about 4 years in an attempt to lose weight, only to gain 50 pounds.

Getting tattoos about change doesn’t work either.  Another fat person I knew got a tattoo about change on her forearm to inspire her to lose weight.  She stared at that tattoo as she doughnut after doughnut after doughnut in hopes of losing weight, but  it was no use.  Her slow metabolism could not keep up with the dozens of doughnuts she ate for breakfast every day.  It wasn’t until she had gastric bypass surgery that she finally lost the weight, which is a method that actually does work as a treatment for an underactive thyroid.  Apparently having a smaller stomach stops producing the hormone that makes you eat like a pig.

A surprising recent studies done by the Endocrine clinic actually show that the way to cure an underactive  thyroid is to lose the weight in the first place:  “But now new research is questioning whether the link could go the other way, according to Cari Kitahara, PhD, MHS, an epidemiologist at the National Cancer Institute. Some investigations suggest that the excess weight may be slowing down the thyroid, instead of a slow thyroid making it easy to pack on the pounds. Dr. Kitahara presented her findings on obesity, thyroid function and weight at the 86th annual meeting of the American Thyroid Association in Denver Sept. 24.1″  Understanding the link between weight and thyroid is crucial, she and others say, because obesity raises your risk of getting thyroid cancer. And if her research and that of others bears out, treating an overweight person with thyroid medication may be the wrong course of action, she says, if in fact the weight gain is what made the thyroid sluggish. The better approach, in some cases, may be weight loss.1

That new information really sucks for all of us fat people.  I guess it’s our own fault for being fat after all.  What a bummer.  I was just getting used to blaming my huge beer gut on my slow thyroid too.

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