Should I Write a Book or Just Get Face Tattoo Instead

Argument for Writing a Book

I spent over a year working two jobs, raising kids, and getting up before work at 4 a.m.  everyday before work to accomplish my goal of writing a book.  I finally finished it and listed it on Amazon.  I promoted it, put it on Facebook, tweeted it, put it this site called Book Butterfly, listed it on Good Reads, created an author bio page, told my friends, told my family, and after hours upon hours of promoting, writing and rewriting my Magnum Opus, only 12 people fucking bought my goddamn book.  My mom didn’t even buy a fucking copy for Christ’s sake.   None of my friends bought it.  None of my family bought it.  I even sent it to them as a gift in an email, and they never even humored me and opened it.  I was selling my entire life’s work for .99 cents and no one bought it.  I’ve given more money than that to bums just for being bums.

Argument For Getting a Face Tattoo

Then I see these assholes on this Go Fund Me Site making money hand over fist just by asking for it.  I spent a year and half writing a  4.4 star fucking masterpiece, and I made a whopping $2.43.  Meanwhile, two stinky unemployed hippies want money so they can buy a van, and people are just fucking giving it to them.  They made close to  5,000.  I saw some young hipster couple from Washington named Jen and Brad with a Go-Fund Me account so they can have a honeymoon in Paris.  Who needs to work for that money when you could just ask people to give it to you ? Those two fucktards made over 3,000.  I saw one guy raise 800 dollars on Go Fund Me because he wants to write a book.   He didn’t actually write it yet. That is exactly $797.57 more than I made actually writing a book.

Another woman, and this one is my favorite.  She raised 800 dollars in one day to have a 420 tattoo removed from her face.    In a lifetime of writing, I won’t make what that asshole made off of her face tattoo in one day.  To all you struggling wanna be writers out there.  Give Up! Fuck It! Just get a face tattoo.