Overcoming Pooping Addiction-My Personal Journey to Recovery

Pooping-The Addiction People Are Afraid To Talk About


Addiction has become a very prevalent topic over the years.  Every day needs like food and sex have become addictions, explaining why so many people have become fat and horny.   Even famous celebrities are not insusceptible to the perils of modern addiction.  Tiger Woods and that guy from American Chopper who married Sandra Bullock were very vocal about their sex addictions after they got caught cheating.   Their brave admission to sex addiction has paved the way for many others to open up about their addictions.

I too almost had a sex addiction once.  Luckily I wasn’t rich or famous enough to suffer a full on addiction.  I only wound up banging a few fives and sixes and then I got married.  Even though I didn’t have a sex addiction like those celebrities who got caught cheating, I did have an addiction that was much more dangerous than even sex or heroin.  It was the addiction that no one was really talking about.  That is the addiction to taking massive shits.

Can It Really Be Possible to Become Addicted To Pooping?

The Harvard Health Medical Blog lists three main functions of addiction:

  1. Intense Cravings-Having had the urge to take a real bad shit many times, I knew that I was becoming addicted.   Sometimes the cravings would get so bad that I would start sweating and shitting would become all I could think about.  One time I was stuck on the interstate with the next rest area many miles ahead.  I began to speed with total disregard for the safety and lives of the others around me until I was able to get my fix in in the men’s room at the next rest stop.
  2. Loss of control over the object your craving- I have done many things I normally wouldn’t do because of my addiction to shitting.   One time on a fishing trip, I had to shit so bad that I pulled my pants down and shit right behind a fallen log.  I then cut my underwear off with a knife and wiped my ass with those undies and buried them under a pile of dirt and leaves.  Had it not been for my addiction to shitting I would never in a million years have done something as perverse as squatting naked in the woods with my cock and balls hanging out like that.  I knew then that I was losing control of my addiction.
  3.  Continued Use of Engagement Despite Bad Consequences-Ask anyone who has ever taken a shit, and they will tell you that nothing good ever comes from shit.  It is smelly, gross and disgusting.  That still never stopped me from shitting.  Not once.  One time I took such a huge shit at a friend’s house that it clogged the toilet. As I tried to plunge it I became so repulsed by the foul odor that I threw up a little in their sink.  I embarrassingly told my friend what had happened and asked his forgiveness.  After that night I swore that I would never shit again, only to find myself sitting on a toilet in a Walmart the very next day.  I couldn’t stop shitting.

How Did I Know I Was Addicted To Making Duty?

Looking back on my life I realize that I have been addicted to shitting for many many years.  At the height of my addiction I was unemployed, had no money, couldn’t take care of myself and was living with my mom and dad.  It got so bad that I had to wear diapers and I wouldn’t even use the potty. I would shit right in my pants and my mom and dad would have to change me and wipe my ass.   That went on for almost three years until I learned how to manage my addiction.

After that I became something of a functional shitter.  The addiction to shitting was still there but I was able to hide it well.  I still went to work everyday, coached baseball, had friends and family.  On the surface everything looked all well and good, but there was a secret that I was hiding.  I was addicted to shitting and it was starting to get out of control.

I would read whole magazines cover to cover, watch youtube videos, play Subway Surfer, Angry Birds, anything I could get my hands on just so I could stay on that toilet and shit just a little bit longer.  My kids would be banging on the door, screaming that they had to use to bathroom, but I couldn’t help myself.  I always pushed it further then I had to.  I knew that if I stayed in there just a little longer, maybe I could squeeze out one more tiny knuckler or perhaps a little shart.

The day I hit rock bottom I had locked myself in the bathroom so long that my daughter had yelled into me that my son had peed into a gatorade bottle becuase I was taking too long.  That was when I knew that my shitting was starting to get out of control.  I knew I had to do something.

The Path To Recovery For An Addicted Duty Maker

I started researching shit and defecation addiction.  Surprisingly there has been very little written on this topic.  I was a pioneer paving the way for others like me, on my way to becoming the something like the next Neal Armstrong or Steve Jobs of shit.   It wouldn’t be long before I would out myself and write the first ever blog post on shitting addiction.

It has been two years since I beat my shit addiction. Now I never fully quit shitting because that is physically impossible probably.  However I do have healthy shit patterns and regular bowel movements.  I wouldn’t say that I am clean like an addict would.  That wouldn’t be true because we are talking about shit and shit is dirty.  I can, however, say that I am healthy and happy.  It’s been years since I’ve worn a diaper or shit my pants, and I cut back on the time I spend in the bathroom so that my kids are happier.  I even put myself on a regular bowel movement schedule.  Every morning after I have my coffee I spend a responsible 5 to ten minutes in the bathroom making duty.  I guess surviving a defecation addiction is like surviving any other addiction.  You have to want to do it.

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