Internet Challenges=Three Rules Every Child Should Know

Internet Challenges are Worst Than Poor Kids With Head Lice

Internet challenges have quickly become an epidemic that is sweeping across the world, and they have become my biggest worry as a parent.   I miss those simpler times when the only things parents had to worry about were the poor kids with head lice, razor blades in Halloween candy, or a child molester finger banging thier daughter in the back of a  van.  Now we have even crazier crazy shit to worry about like eating Tide Pods, cinnamon and whatever else kids are eating on the Internet these days.  We must accept that we are never going to stop Internet challenges, the same way we we will never stop child molesters or razor blades in Halloween candy.   However, it is our job as parents to educate and protect our children from the dangers of  this world and even poor people who probably carry head lice.

The Three Rules of Internet Challenges That Every Child Should Know

If we teach our children these three simple rules of doing Internet challenges, then we have done our due diligence as parents to protect our children and keep them safe.

Don’t Do It-

It is plain and simple.  I preach this to my kids all the time.

Bully Other Kids. 

I am aware that here are going to be times when not doing an Internet Challenge will simply not  be possible.  Like if someone dared them, or if there are older kids around to impress.  That is when you must encourage your children to find the courage  and conviction to find smaller weaker kids and bully them into doing it instead.

Do It To Someone Else.  

As a last resort, if there is no one around to bully, and your child still feels that he or she absolutely must do an Internet challenge, encourage them to do it to someone else who isn’t expecting it instead.

Watch this girl walk us through the steps as she attempts the hot water challenge. She tries the first step, Don’t Do It, but she clearly can’t stop herself from attempting the hot water challenge as she shouts, Hot water challenge y’all.”.  She then she looks to Bully Other Kids, but she is all alone at the time. Since there are no other kids to bully, she is left with no choice but to Do It To Someone Else,  and she finds  some guy standing by a car with his back turned to her to dump the pot of scalding hot water on.

She made the correct decision to dump scalding hot water on someone else.  That is only way to safeguard against personal injury when doing the hot water challenge.  Notice how none of the awful burns were actually on her back.  It is important that kids know the dangers of Internet challenges and that if somebody is going to get hurt, then it should always be someone else!

Well I hope this provided some insight into protecting your kids against Internet challenges.  Happy parenting everyone!